We practice several real tests using the products on the skin of the person to inspect a problem. Our goal is to develop products with the lowest reaction. Therefore, we conducted the inspection of raw materials and formulations.

We have all the information related to products such as the Safety Data Sheets, Certificates of Analysis and the origin. If you need help from our technicians, by telephone or person, we are gladly to provide advice with the purpose that the materials are handled in safely way and responsibly by workers.


Domestic cleaning products We offer cleaning and disinfection solutions designed for high traffic areas, keep the results in the long term and ensure the health of staff and patients.

Liquid & semi solid cosmetics offer solutions for cleaning and disinfection which takes into account the sensitivity of health of its residents and generate more comfortable and safe environ

I&I cleaning produtc We offer solutions that help provide the best care, we offer a variety of innovative products designed to keep more cooperative image.