Cosmetic Solutions’ stocks a large range of high quality, modern packaging options with a vast assortment of components. We also commonly source additional and alternative packaging.f

Our creative and experienced brand consultants, will guide and work closely with you throughout the entire process; from conception, design line, formulation, registration and your product elaboration

Thanks to our highly experienced chemists, our modern laboratory and extensive inventory of ingredients, we can assure that our formulas will satisfy your demands. We have the ability to create custom formulas or adapt, you can choose from a wide selection of scientifically tested and proven formulas that cover the entire spectrum of the personal care industry.

We offer different and innovative packaging options; High quality and variety of components. Our graphic designers team is available to work with customers in creating personalized decoration of the packaging. You can also choose from a variety of labeling options and print materials.


The research service that we provide to our customers greatly ensures the efficacy of the product, safety, stability and shelf life. To ensure the investigations in detail, we elaborate in our own modern microbiological and physico-chemical laboratories, with an expert team of professionals. All processes are decumented and archived according to the defined system in the BPM.

Our factory meets with BPM, registered and licensed by the Ministry of Health. We use the latest technological equipment to manufacture products quickly, under the highest quality standards. All products are mixed, filled, capped, labeled, coded and wrapped following the procedures of quality control and the most scrupulous standards. Analyses of the products are performed in various stages of development and production to ensure the consistency and quality

We handle all reception aspects, storage and shipment of raw materials and finished products. We have a warehouse with controlled temperature and humidity. We regulary send packages in small containers and large. Also, we will advise you with all the compliance and documentation required at national and international level.