Our supply chain includes all activities of management and logistics, and therefore is present at every stage of the process. Eco Clean Peru allows effective management, and through information flows, improves customer service and the value chain. What is the final product for A, is the intermediate product of B or the raw material for C.


We offer to our customers a supply chain that supplies and regulates important operations of Purchase of raw materials, Graphic design of labels and boxes, Production of packaging and labels, Manufacturing of products, National and international distribution, and Storage of goods and raw materials.


One of the important aspects of the chain is the timing. We avoid any failure at any point in the chain in order to prevent a ripple effect both backward and forward, causing jams and blockages. We regularize and control the flows inside the system. Any abnormality or variation in the rate of flow may indicate some break.

Unlike the classical concepts of input/output, in the supply chains intertwine flows. There are flows in/out on several client operations, and each operation is as much input as a final product to others. We participate in these exchanges many companies seeking to maximize their benefits within its sphere of interest and profitability.

PLANNING "The ability to carry out the administration depends more on understanding and attitude towards the world, than science or technology" (Russell Ackoff)

LOGISTICS Our service includes pickup, transfer and distribution of goods, always monitoring them and in communication with the customer.

SUPPLYING We offer the supply service of finished products; we relate chosen providers with our customers for maximize their profit providers.